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Duplex Flanges are used to secured from deterioration level of resistance and provide great mechanical durability. The high corrode resistance of duplex flanges guarantees substantially more best than carbon steels flanges. We are very famous in creating and exporting extensive variety of Conventional Flanges items. We offer a variety of these items which are made in different dimension and length factors. Our expert ensures our range of item can be used in many industrial applications. They use high temp to produce supreme quality item like round bars. Duplex 2205 is a nitrogen increased duplex stainless steel which was produced to defeat common rust problems found in the B series stainless steels. We also supplies duplex and super duplex stainless steels in a variety of dimensions like plate, sheet, bar etc.

Weld neck flanges are available in all of our stainless steel and chromoly grades from ½ inch to 36 inch and beyond with class 150 to 2500. The welding neck flange comes its label from the neck part of the flange that is welded to the end of a piping method. The 2205 duplex stainless steel design includes austenite pools circular by a constant ferrite stage. In the vital problem 2205 has about 40-50 percent ferrite. The 2205 Duplex is mostly presented as the work horse grade and is generally used in the duplex part of steel content. Duplex steel flanges is provided with double support steel protecting which makes it much tricky and more powerful for the high strain and heavy load bearing. As we know it is main aspect of duplex flanges which is made and formulated with excellent strategy to give a great finished and shining surface finishing. These item is most heavier steel flanges. Our duplex steel flanges are used in several creation techniques for the reason of fitting and minimizing the diametrical circulation of fluids. We provide all our flanges and forgings items in industry range with reasonably priced. Our items are developed from the best possible good quality factor. These items are available with different conventional requirements such as ASTM, ASME A and SA 182.