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FiveBros is one of the very recognized and preferred marketplace for the design and supply of wide wide of commercial item such as these excellent features Tube Fitting product. Our team of Tube Fittings is engaged in offering a wide selection of Threads & Ferrule Fittings as per ASTM /DIN and other acceptable market standards. Our fittings products are interchangeable with other providers sub parts which has exclusive edge of using our products. All our goods are made as per international criteria and design, drawing and dimensions which has 100% assurance for its application. We supply two types of fitting such as single ferrule bite type fitting and two-ferrule bite type fitting products.

Single Ferrule Bite Type Fitting is a flare less 3 piece layout fitting that contains an outlet body having an ideal conical seat, a one piece progressive ferrule ring and a Coupling Nut. When the nut gradually stiffened it generates the Progressive Ring. These Progressive Ring then go on to the pipe subsequently generates two bytes into the external sizing of the pipe. Due to this kind of method the visible collar of components are designed. These element is ensuring a durable and effective with great protection and permanent sealing because of outstanding progress and design of our progressive ring. We launched the JIC 37 Flare Fitting which is globally accepted due to its many wonderful functions and customer benefits. The layout of JIC 37 Flare Fitting is quite simple and easy to set up. It uses a simply designed flare at the pipe end to close and hold liquid under high strain. The fitting that contains the body, sleeve and nut. This product has worldwide approval because of its ease-of-use with lightweight design, easy to set up, stability in material availability and versatility to inches or metric tube. Tube fittings is used in any app that uses fluid energy for motion control.

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