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Double block and Bleed Valves or DBB valves are a space saving valves which is act as dual solitude solution that removes the need for costly and complex several valve systems. By combining all block and bleed elements into a one unit our DBB valves prevent the risk of leak paths to ambiance while providing significant weight savings. Our double block and bleed valves are single crucial valve set up used for the main solitude of pressure take-off and procedure flow. A one DBB valve can split up or downstream for offering a massive servicing benefits over several valves. This light and portable design is perfect for lube and gas production and direct or remote mounting of equipment. It is also ideal for decreased risk of vibration damage. These item is also used in system isolation chemical injection and gauge isolation. Select from a large supply of ready to ship DBB valves or allow us to light and portable design a remedy that is optimized for your particular program. Our DBB valves can fulfill at strain range from 1380 bar at 72°F. Due to this lightweight layout these product are easily available with needle or ball valves or a combination of both. The key benefits of these products are reduced leakage points, decreased installation costs and maintenance requirements. The valves allow segments of a piping system to be separated  for maintenance with a deplete valve between them for guaranteeing that unnecessary strain does not get into the area being serviced.

Our DBB valves item can be created to link up to most sizes of pipes with all type of link designs. Double block and bleed valves are commonly produced from 316 stainless steel. However they can be produced from other metal components with special seal materials to meet up your specific needs. Standard elements include Monel, Titanium and Bronze.