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Duplex Flanges provides great resistant to rust and very high technical sustainability. “Quality” is the hallmark of FiveBros industry to keep top quality standard. Duplex stainless steel flanges is the part of Flanges product and we offer these product in very economical prices. The high deterioration resistance of duplex stainless steel guarantees considerably more up-time than carbon steels and regular stainless steels. The mechanical strength allows for compact designs, light in weight construction and less welding. Duplex steel flanges are created using dual layered steel plated which makes it much harder and stronger for the high pressure and heavy load bearing. All our flanges products are manufactured and developed in a proper way to give a complete and shiny surface finishing. Due to the fitting and constant flowing of liquids these flanges are used in various manufacturing processes.

We offer wide range of stainless steel flanges and duplex flanges as per the standard specs. These products are available in many different sizes. These steel flanges are extremely durable, reliable, rust proof and are available at highly competitive prices. Our flanges has terrific demand in industry because of higher durability resulting in weight saving. These product has greater deterioration resistance especially stress rust cracking. The design of duplex steels product consists of a combination of austenite and ferrite phases and because of this reason they are highly corrosion resistant alloys. It is means that these product shows the property features of both austenitic and ferritic alloy. In most cases duplex steels product is more tougher than ferritic alloy. In many condition the strengths of duplex steels product can be twice than austenitic steels products. They are not as protected to this form of attack as ferritic metal. The application of duplex flanges are found in oil and gas industries, marine and large chloride surroundings and many other industries.