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FiveBros is the top best company of high strength and good leak tight shut off double block and bleed Valves. The application of these valves are found in pipeline, lube oil and gas generation and liquid bulk terminals for the petroleum oil and gas industries. Double Block and Bleed valves (Also known as DBB Valves) have evolved to change the process of bolting together single valves to provide dual solitude. This new process of valves provide weight and space savings as well as saving in assembly times particularly in instrument or device cage isolation. This new construction is very effective for saving 60 percent weight and studies have shown that a 70 percent construction time saving is also possible. The DBB valves is act as dual solitude solution that reduces the need for expensive and complex multiple valve systems as well as saving the area. However the largest savings are to be seen in the reduction of leak paths to environment. Therefore reducing the chance of the potential risks this entails.

A single valve can downstream for giving a huge maintenance benefits over numerous valves. This compact design is suitable for lube oil and gas production and direct or remote mounting of equipment. These valve also best for minimize the risk of vibration damage. DBB valves are also used in device solitude hypodermic injection and gauge isolation. Our valves products can satisfy at pressure range from 20,000 PSI at 72°F. Due to this lightweight design DBB valves are easily available with needle or Instrumentation valves or a mixture of both. double block and bleed valves are generally produced from 316 stainless steel metal with constant flow for nil pressure or strain drop. The valve is manufactured with safety and they provide good strength, longevity and proven steadiness along with a high level of mobility.