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Metal flanges are very similar in several applications but under certain conditions some kinds of metal products are great choice than other metal. A flange assembly may implement different components due to the properties they possess. Each flanges has includes large range of threaded flanges, neck flanges and slip on flanges. FiveBros is a quality leader in the field of marketing flanges such as stainless, Aluminium flanges and carbon steel flanges. It is our aim to understand and provide all kinds of industry flanges and other items and related services to our customers and meet their all needs at very affordable cost. Among the many types of metal flanges the stainless steel flange is a comparatively preferred choice due to its particular qualities. Some types of flanges such as those which is made by using carbon steel are prone to deterioration mostly known as rust.

The stainless steel flange (SS Flanges) is corrosion free and can thus outlast a carbon steel flange consistently. They are more effective and beneficial than carbon steel flange but it is more expensive. Although a steel flange is more costly than other types of metal flanges the consistency is a valuable additional investment. These flanges is is the type of metal flanges which is available in a various different sizes for a number of applications. The standard sizes are specified with standard like ANSI, ASME etc. Since almost all metal flanges fall under ASME norms it should be easy to replace a different type of flange with a stainless steel flange if required. The difference between all types of metal flanges are depend on the work application. ASME flanges are made to meet certain norms while ANSI flanges sustain other standards. These standards are made to ensure not only one metal flange is reliable with the next but also they will resist specific apps.