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FiveBros Forgings is the world leading manufacturer of high-integrity, positive shut-off double block and bleed Valves which serve the pipeline, oil and gas production and liquid bulk terminals for the petroleum and oil and gas industries. Double Block and Bleed valves (DBB Valves) have evolved to switch the process of bolting together single valves to provide dual solitude. This new construction provides great savings in weight, space and installation times especially in instrument or device cage solitude. Due to this new construction it can be save 60% in weight and studies have shown that a 70% assembly time saving is also possible. The DBB valves is act as dual solitude solution that eliminates the need for costly and complicated multiple valve systems as well as saving the space. However the biggest savings are to be seen in the elimination of leak paths to environment. Therefore minimizing the risk of the potential hazards this entails.

Dual solitude is a necessary requirement when maintenance is taking place down stream of the first solitude valve. Cavity venting is offered by either a ball or globe OS&Y vent valve so that trapped strain between the two solitude valves is safely vented. These product has also progressed to include the function of chemical injection (using an appropriate quill) and sample points. Check valves are often incorporated in DBB valves. The primary function of a these product is for isolation and the secondary function is for intervention (diverting / sampling / injection etc). It is also perfect for reduced risk of vibration damage. Some additional features include sensor, check valves and injection quills. Double block and bleed valves are generally manufactured from 316 stainless steel with continuous flow for very negligible pressure drop. The DBB valve is designed and manufactured with safety and they provide strength, durability and proven stability along with a high level of flexibility.