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We at FiveBros design & export flanges and forgings products as per user’s drawing and requirements which is available in many different sizes. We are well known provider of Flanges product from India such as Monel Flanges. We offers top best quality Monel Flanges products like monel 400, monel 500 etc. Monel 400 is a Nickel-Copper alloy displays excellent durability, excellent deterioration resistance in a variety of acidic and alkaline environments. It is especially appropriate for decreasing conditions in addition to its high strength. These product also has excellent ductility and thermal conductivity.

Monel 400 contain 67% Nickel and 23% Copper which make it solid solution that can only be hardened by cold working. A low corrosion rate in swiftly flowing brackish or seawater combined with high resistance to stress deterioration splitting in most fresh waters. Due to high deterioration resistance it is mostly use in marine applications. These Alloy item is also used in non-oxidizing chloride solutions. As we know these item contain high copper content and because of this it can be easily attacked by any nitric product as well as ammonia systems.

These product has excellent mechanical qualities and it can be used in temperature up to 1000° F. the melting point of these product is 2370° f to 2460° f (1300 — 1350 °c). In critical condition these product has low in strength. In this critical condition we have to use wide range of tempers to increase the strength. Monel 400 product is very complex for electrical equipment.

However, good outcomes can be obtained if you make the right options for tooling and machining. These product has Excellent resistance to alkalies. Our Monel 400 products are available in many different forms like Sheets, Plate, Bar, Pipe and Tube (welded & seamless) and Wire. Monel Flanges are mainly used in marine engineering, chemical and many other application.