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Steel flanges are available in various different sizes and grade with high configuration. unlike carbon flanges, steel flanges does not deterioration when exposed to air due to the enough wide range of chromium existing. The chromium produces an invisible non-active film of chromium oxide that will not let oxygen attack the external coating place and prevent decay of the iron base. FiveBros is a supplier of more than 20 levels of steel flanges.

Steel or carbon flanges are highly incredibly protected from deterioration and have sufficient strength for your industrial piping plan. These type of high pressure flanges are mostly used for high pressure and temperature treatment. We used some standard like ASTM, ASME, ANSI and/or API for calculating the pressure and temperature of these products.

A flange is nothing but an easy plate for protecting or ending the end of a pipe. It is also known as sightless flange. Thus, These product are considered to be displaying or inner elements which are used to back up technical areas. stainless-Steel flange is like wheels which is used to boost the technical part and we can say it is linking that aspect to a different part or area. We supply various forged and plate flanges in large size and grade with different qualities.

We create these product using top best quality of steel to make them top best product for many years. We offer high quality and great performance flanges products for various requirements and specifications of our customers. we designed flanges as per market expectations and factors. Our products are higher in strength and can endure in extreme conditions. Our extensive product range contains weld neck flanges, Duplex Flanges, socket weld flanges, steel weld flanges, steel weld neck flanges and many more. One main benefit of our product is durability.

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